TypeFewer LettersMore Letters
Acronym AFK *Astoria: Fate's Kiss*
Acronym ALK *Astoria: Lost Kisses*
Acronym CG Computer graphic, a term for a still stylized image in a visual story game
Acronym CLA *Castaway! Love's Adventure*
Acronym EAA *Ever After Academy*
Acronym F2P [Free-to-play](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free-to-play), a business model for games
Acronym GiL *Gangsters in Love*
Acronym HifL *Havenfall is for Lovers*
Acronym L&L *Love & Legends*
Acronym LI Love interest
Acronym LS Lovestruck
Acronym MC Main character (yours!)
Acronym QoT *Queen of Thieves*
Acronym RP *Reigning Passions*
Acronym SE *Sweet Enchantments*
Acronym SP *Starship Promise*
Acronym ST *Speakeasy Tonight*
Acronym SwM *Sin With Me*
Acronym TL&P *To Love & Protect*
Acronym TOTW *Tales of the Wild*
Acronym VN *Villainous Nights*
Acronym WLL *Wicked Lawless Love*