TypeFewer LettersMore Letters
Acronym ABI Application Binary Interface
Acronym ANS [Coin] AntShares
Acronym API Application Programming Interface
Acronym ATH All-Time High
Acronym BAT [Coin] Basic Attention Token
Acronym BTC [Coin] Bitcoin
Acronym DAG [Directed Acyclic Graph](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Directed_acyclic_graph), a method of organising data with no loops
Acronym DApp Decentralized Application
Acronym EEA Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Acronym ETC [Coin] Ethereum Classic
Acronym ETH [Coin] Ethereum
Acronym EVM Ethereum Virtual Machine
Acronym FCT [Coin] Factom
Acronym FOMO Fear Of Missing Out, the urge to jump on the bandwagon when prices rise
Acronym FUD Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt, negative sentiments spread in order to drive down prices
Acronym GNT [Coin] Golem
Acronym ICN [Coin] Iconomi
Acronym ICO Initial Coin Offering
Acronym IDE Integrated Development Environment
Acronym IOTA [Coin] Iota
Acronym IRS (US) Internal Revenue Service
Acronym LTC [Coin] Litecoin
Acronym MACD Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, an indicator of the relationship between two averages
Acronym MEW MyEtherWallet
Acronym REP [Coin] Augur
Acronym ROI Return on Investment, percentage gain relative to initial cost
Acronym SC [Coin] SiaCoin
Acronym SEC (US) Securities and Exchange Commission
Acronym TA Technical Analysis (or Trend Analysis), examination of past performance to predict the near future
Acronym XRP [Coin] Ripple