TypeFewer LettersMore Letters
Acronym AV Alternative Vote, a form of IRV
Approval Voting
Acronym BR Bayesian Regret
Acronym DH3 [Dark Horse plus 3](https://electowiki.org/wiki/Dark_horse_plus_3)
Acronym FBC Favorite Betrayal Criterion
Acronym FPTP First Past the Post, a form of plurality voting
Acronym IIA Independence of Irrelevant Alternatives
Acronym IRV Instant Runoff Voting
Acronym LNH Later-No-Harm
Acronym MMM Mixed Member Majoritarian
Acronym MMP Mixed Member Proportional
Acronym MMPO MiniMax Pairwise Opposition
Acronym MMT Multiple-Mirror Telescope, Arizona
Multiscale Median Transform, an alternative to wavelet image compression
Acronym NFB No Favorite Betrayal, see FBC
Acronym OPOV One Person, One Vote
Acronym PR Proportional Representation
Acronym PV Preferential Voting, a form of IRV
Acronym RCV Ranked Choice Voting, a form of IRV, STV or any ranked voting method
Acronym SM Supplementary Member
Acronym STAR Score Then Automatic Runoff
Acronym STV Single Transferable Vote
Acronym VSE [Voter Satisfaction Efficiency](https://electology.github.io/vse-sim/VSE/)