TypeFewer LettersMore Letters
Acronym AGI Artificial General Intelligence
Acronym AIXI Hypothetical optimal AI agent, unimplementable in the real world
Acronym ANI Artificial Narrow Intelligence (or Narrow Artificial Intelligence)
Acronym ANN Artificial Neural Network
Acronym ASI Artificial Super-Intelligence
Acronym CEV Coherent Extrapolated Volition
Acronym CFAR Center for Applied Rationality
Acronym CIRL Co-operative Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Acronym CNN Convolutional Neural Network
Acronym CSER Center for the Study of Existential Risk
Acronym EA Effective Altruism/ist
Acronym ER Existential Risk
Acronym EY Eliezer Yudkowsky
Acronym FAI Friendly Artificial Intelligence
Acronym FHI Future of Humanity Institute
Acronym Foom Local intelligence explosion ("the AI going Foom")
Acronym GAN Generative Adversarial Network
Acronym GCR Global Catastrophic Risk
Acronym HLAI Human-Level Artificial Intelligence, also HLMI
Acronym HLMI Human-Level Machine Intelligence
Acronym IE Intelligence Explosion
Acronym IO Input/Output
Acronym IRL Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Acronym LSTM Long Short-Term Memory (a form of RNN)
Acronym MIRI Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Acronym ML Machine Learning
Acronym NN Neural Network
Acronym OPP Open Philanthropy Project
Acronym RL Reinforcement Learning
Acronym RNN Recurrent Neural Network
Acronym SPoF Single Point of Failure
Acronym uFAI unFriendly Artificial Intelligence
Acronym WBE Whole-Brain Emulation
Acronym XAI eXplainable Artificial Intelligence