TypeFewer LettersMore Letters
Acronym ACOR *A Courtesan of Rome*
Acronym AME *America's Most Eligible*
Acronym AME:AS *America's Most Eligible: All Stars* (book 2)
Acronym AME:S10 *America's Most Eligible: Season 10* (book 1)
Acronym AME:WE *America's Most Eligible: Wedding Edition* (book 3)
Acronym Art It's... *indescribable*...
Acronym ATV *Across the Void*
Acronym AVSP *A Very Scandalous Proposal*
Acronym BaBu *Baby Bump*
Acronym BB *Bloodbound*
Acronym BLS *Blades of Light and Shadow*
Acronym BM *The Haunting of Braidwood Manor*
Acronym BP *Bachelorette Party*
Acronym BSC *Big Sky Country*
Acronym CG Computer Graphic, a stylized still image in a VN
Acronym COD *Cause of Death*, a discontinued Pixelberry game published by EA
Acronym CoP *Crimes of Passion*
Acronym D&D *Desire & Decorum*
Acronym DS *Distant Shores*
Acronym ES *Endless Summer*
Acronym F2P [Free-to-Play](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free-to-play), a business model for games
Acronym FA *Foreign Affairs*
Acronym GC Gender-choice
Acronym GL Gender-locked
Acronym HC *Hot Couture*
Acronym HFTH *Home for the Holidays*
Acronym HS Holiday Special
Acronym HSS *High School Story*
Acronym HSS Prime *High School Story*, a discontinued Pixelberry game
Acronym HSS4 *High School Story: Class Act*
Acronym HWU *Hollywood University*, a discontinued Pixelberry game
Acronym ILA The *It Lives* Anthology
Acronym ILB *It Lives Beneath*
Acronym ILITW *It Lives in the Woods*
Acronym ILS The *It Lives* Series
Acronym LI Love Interest
Acronym LoA *Laws of Attraction*
Acronym MC Main Character (yours!)
Acronym MM *Ms. Match*
Acronym MOTY *Mother of the Year*
Acronym MPC Mercy Park Crew
Acronym MS *Magic School*, a discontinued Pixelberry game published by EA
Acronym MTFL *My Two First Loves*
Acronym MW *Most Wanted*
Acronym NB *Nightbound*
Acronym OH *Open Heart*
Acronym PB Pixelberry Studios, publisher of *Choices*
Acronym PM *Perfect Match*
Acronym PT *Platinum*
Acronym PTR *Passport To Romance*
Acronym QB *Queen B*
Acronym RCD *Red Carpet Diaries*
Acronym ROD *Ride or Die*
Acronym RoE *Rules of Engagement*
Acronym ROEN *Rules of Engagement: Newlyweds*
Acronym RT *Rising Tides*
Acronym SB *Slow Burn*
Acronym SHS *Surviving High School*, a discontinued Pixelberry game published by EA
Acronym SK *Sunkissed*
Acronym SR *Surrender*
Acronym StD *Save the Date*
Acronym SW *Shipwrecked*
Acronym TCNTF *The Crown and The Flame*
Acronym TE *The Elementalists*
Acronym TF *The Freshman*
Acronym TFS *The Freshman Series*
Acronym THM *The Heist: Monaco*
Acronym TJ *The Junior*
Acronym TRF *The Royal Finale*
Acronym TRH *The Royal Heir*
Acronym TRM *The Royal Masquerade*
Acronym TRR *The Royal Romance*
Acronym TS *The Sophomore*
Acronym TSr *The Senior*
Acronym TUH *The Unexpected Heiress*
Acronym VN Visual Novel
Acronym VOS *Veil of Secrets*
Acronym WB *Wolf Bride*
Acronym WEH *With Every Heartbeat*
Acronym WN *Witness*
Acronym WT *Wishful Thinking*
Acronym WTD *Wake The Dead*
Acronym \#LH *\#LoveHacks*