Decronym: a Reddit bot that expands acronyms

What is this thing, anyway?

Decronym is a Reddit "bot", a user account that reads new comments by other users and looks for acronyms used therein. If it sees an acronym that it understands, it will post a comment (or update its comment) with an explanation.

Where does Decronym operate?

Here are the acronym lists for the subreddits where Decronym listens for new comments:

But why?

The original inspiration was the use of "VV" as an acronym in the SpaceX subreddit and the subsequent discussion about what a VV even was. MaritMonkey mentioned that it might be a good idea to have a bot that automatically listened out for usages like this, and built an in-thread database of acronyms used; thus, Decronym was born.

If I run into an acronym that Decronym doesn't know, how do I tell you?

Throw me a PM on Reddit, I'm OrangeredStilton.

Can I get Decronym to listen for comments in my subreddit?

Sure! Just let me know which subreddit, and the following things:

I see the bot's code is written in PHP. What's wrong with you?

I happen to have used PHP for many years, so I know what I'm doing in that world; it's a half-decent language nowadays. I could put more self-justifications here, but in the end it's another example of a PHP script that Just Works, getting on with its job quietly.

I love your work, and would like to hire you for a huge salary. What do you say?

I thought this was a list of Frequently Asked Questions. But sure, drop me a line and we can talk.